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New Treatment Option for Age-Related Farsightedness

Just a few months ago, Alcon, a leader in global eye care, announced the launch of a new and innovative intraocular lens (IOL) called AcrySof® IQ Vivity®. The Vivity lens is a first-of-its-kind and first unrolled in Europe in early 2020 following in North America only recently. During this time, the Eye Clinic of Austin’s own Dr. Farhan Irshad is among the first to do this procedure in Austin. In the last two months Dr. Irshad has been able to successfully give cataract patients another treatment option when managing presbyopia.


What is the New Alcon Vivity Intraocular Lens?

eye surgeon in scrub cap and mask holding package for Vivity lensThe Vivity lens is a one-of-a-kind lens for cataract surgery to help patients have a range of vision without needing glasses. It has effectively combatted common issues encountered by surgeons and cataract patients alike when considering presbyopia-correcting IOLs (PC-IOLs).

The latest innovation from Alcon offers a consistent and extended range of vision while maintaining a low incidence of visual disturbance. Vivity utilizes a non-diffractive design called X-WAVE™ technology, which ultimately lowers the need and dependency on glasses for cataract patients. Patients across the globe have been pleased with the new treatment option, reporting that Vivity allows them to experience high-quality vision at far and intermediate ranges in addition to good close-up vision.

At Eye Clinic of Austin we trust the innovations coming from Alcon as their AcrySof IQ IOL platform has been implanted in more than 120 million eyes across the world! 

How Vivity is Successful

eye surgeon operating on patient, looking through a machine to view the eyeThis lens is an UV-absorbing and blue light filtering foldable intraocular lens (IOL). Compared to a monofocal IOL, the Vivity lens offers an extended range of vision without interference. While it certainly is a breakthrough treatment option there are some potential side effects just as there are with any type of surgery. IOL implantation could lead to temporary effects like irritation, redness, allergic reaction, or sensitivity to light. Patients with prior health concerns or disorders, such as chronic eye or eyelid infections, and diabetes may be at higher risk for complications. However, Dr. Irshad and the ECOA team will discuss all risks and side effects during your consultation.

If the IOL is not placed in the correct position it could cause visual distortions such as curved lines appearing inclined or flat surfaces appearing curved, which can lead to dizziness. As one of the first ophthalmologists in Austin to perform this surgery, Dr. Irshad is experienced and well-prepared to guide you through the treatment.

Who is Vivity For?

packaging for AcrySof IQ Vivity ToricThe Vivity IOL is a wonderful, new treatment option for patients with cataracts or presbyopia, also known as age-related farsightedness. Presbyopia is a common condition that occurs when the eye loses the ability to focus on close objects like books, menus, smartphones, or computers. Nearly everyone will experience some range of presbyopia as they age, with symptoms most commonly appearing as a person enters their 40s and continues to deteriorate into their 60s. It’s important to recognize that this condition is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured, but glasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery are all viable options to correct it.

If you’d like to learn more about the AcrySof® IQ Vivity® IOL, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Irshad and learn if this treatment is right for you.


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