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Breakthrough Treatment Option for Eye Pressure Available at Eye Clinic of Austin

Are you tired of trying to remember to use your prescribed topical eye drops or not a fan of the side effects? If you’re suffering from elevated eye pressure we have good news! A breakthrough treatment called DURYSTA™ is now being used and can replace your eyedrops to help keep your eye pressure under control, for several months.

DURYSTA™ is a tiny, dissolvable implant that helps lower eye pressure in patients with open angle glaucoma or high eye pressure (ocular hypertension). We are so excited to offer this new dissolvable glaucoma implant to our patients at Eye Clinic of Austin as we have seen it can make a real difference. 

Dr. Irshad with a patient holding a box for Durysta

What You Need to Know About DURYSTA™

This is the first and only FDA-approved dissolvable ocular implant to reduce eye pressure in people with open angle glaucoma ocular hypertension. Clinical studies showed that a single DURYSTA™ implant reduced eye pressure for 15 weeks!

This is achieved when your eye doctor places the implant directly inside your eye, once per eye. As your DURYSTA™ dissolves, it will automatically and consistently release medicine that can help reduce high pressure inside your eye.

At Eye Clinic of Austin, we’re proud to share that our own Dr. Farhan Irshad was the first person in the world to insert the implant bilaterally.

If you’re looking for consistent and effective relief for eye pressure, Dr. Irshad can help!

Why You Want to Have Eye Pressure Under Control

The pressure inside our eyes is called intraocular pressure, or IOPfor short. Consistently high IOP is often associated with vision loss in patients with glaucoma. Because IOP can damage the optic nerve, it’s essential to keep the eye pressure under control.

cross section graphic of eyeball showing pressure on the back of the eyeball
Fluid builds up inside your eye and pressure increases. As pressure increases, it can damage your optic nerve (which connects your eye to your brain). Over time, this damage to the optic nerve can lead to vision loss.

Unfortunately, a majority of patients don’t keep up with their eye drops which help keep eye pressure low. Whether you forget or you simply avoid the drops because of side effects, the potential long-term risks are great. DURYSTA™ is a wonderful option for any patient that has difficulty keeping up with managing their eye pressure.

While placing the DURYSTA™ implant is a safe and fairly straightforward procedure, it is crucial that you follow your ophthalmologist’s aftercare steps and see your doctor for monitoring. As with most medications, there is a potential for side effects with the most common with DURYSTA™ being eye redness. In clinical trials, other patients also reported feeling as if something was in their eye, sensitivity to light, or even blurry vision. Thanks to Dr. Irshad’s experience and skill, you are in good hands should you choose to receive the DURYSTA™ implant at Eye Clinic of Austin.

DURYSTA™ is primarily for patients diagnosed with open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. However, Dr. Irshad and the team will determine if this treatment is the best option for your condition.

Eye Clinic of Austin is dedicated to helping our patients see better and feel better about their vision every day. Get in touch with us today for more information about DURYSTA™.