Eye Exam in Austin Benefits of Doing In-Office Surgery

In an evolving healthcare landscape, in-office surgery has become an appealing alternative to traditional hospital-based procedures, particularly for patients seeking quality eye care and various eye surgeries, such as corneal transplants or treatment for glaucoma. At Eye Clinic of Austin, our skilled eye doctors address concerns that are related to a range of eye conditions […]

Corneal Transplant in Austin When Is a Corneal Transplant Necessary?

For good vision, the cornea should be transparent, smooth, properly shaped, and healthy. If it is damaged or misshapen, for example, it cannot properly focus the light that enters the eye, leading to glare or blurry vision. If your cornea is beyond repair, a corneal transplant may be a viable solution for you. The surgery […]

Diabetic Retinopathy in Austin Diabetic Retinopathy: Tips for Managing Your Eye Health with Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes are at increased risk of developing certain eye conditions. This includes diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness in American adults. With proper treatment, the progression of this eye disease can be stopped and vision loss can be prevented. Dr. Irshad is board-certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and can help […]

Dry eye treatment in Austin Do Your Dry Eye Symptoms Get Worse in Winter? Explore Your Treatment Options

It is common to experience eye dryness or discomfort occasionally due to things like eye strain or environmental factors. In some cases, the condition may even be chronic if the eyes do not produce enough tears. While those with dry eye syndrome can have uncomfortable symptoms year-round, the symptoms tend to become worse during the […]

cataract treatment Austin UV-related Eye Injuries: Protecting Your Eyes From the Sun

Although the warmer months are a great time to head outdoors, UV-related eye injuries can take place year-round, and some of these injuries can even threaten your vision. This is why it is important to take appropriate measures to protect your eyes from UV rays early on, which can save the delicate structures within the […]

glaucoma Austin How Fast Does Glaucoma Progress? How to Preserve Your Vision

Glaucoma is often called the silent thief of sight because it gradually damages the eyes before there are any noticeable symptoms. The condition affects millions of people around the world and is one of the leading causes of blindness. Patients often wonder, then, how it’s possible to track the development of glaucoma and prevent it […]