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Financing For Eye Surgery

For many patients, the cost of eye surgery can be a concern. Eye Clinic of Austin has many options for financing your surgery that fit with your lifestyle, including LASIK financing and cataract surgery financing.

Eye Clinic of Austin works with CareCredit to provide affordable payment plans for surgery costs. CareCredit gives patients the opportunity to pay for the cost of eye surgery with low monthly payments paid over time. They offer payment plans with $0 down and 0% interest for up to 24 months. The process to apply is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Apply online and receive approval in minutes.

Alphaeon Credit

We also partner with Alphaeon Credit, which gives you another financing option to break up the cost of your eye surgery over time. They offer special financing plans and a variety of monthly payment options with no annual fee. There’s no need to reapply when using the card again for yourself or family members. Visit Alphaeon Credit to apply online.

Flex Spending Accounts

A flex spending account through your health care providers is another way many of our patients are able to afford their eye surgery needs. You can use pre-tax dollars to pay for your surgery. To find out more about how flex spending accounts can work for you, contact us.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

Lastly, Eye Clinic of Austin accepts all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can securely submit an online payment to us by visiting our Bill Pay page.

Awards & Recognition


Cataract Surgery Patient 7

“He has the best bedside manner, his staff is wonderful, and I’m so glad I did it with him — he’s great.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 6

“The surgery was miraculous! I mean, as soon as he was through, I could already see better. I just can’t say it enough — I’m so happy with it.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 5

“When I got the surgery, even as my eyes were healing, I noticed things were very vivid, very clear.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 4

“The surgery with Dr. Irshad was like nothing. It was over so quickly! I didn’t have to do anything except just lay there and it was really easy.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 3

“Your eyes are pretty precious and you have to trust the people that are going to be working on them, and definitely the group here is great.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient

“My vision is totally clear. I can see everything. Everything is just plain as day... It was effortless. Everything went so smoothly.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 2

"The whole world is a lot crisper and clearer and more beautiful to me right now... The whole practice is just professional and wonderful to deal with and completely gave me confidence. I’ve sent a few people over here already. I rave about this place."

Cataract Surgery Patient

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