Farhan A. Irshad, MD FACS

Farhan A. Irshad, MD FACS completed a double major in Farhan Irshad Ophthalmologistundergraduate studies at Washington University and earned his Doctorate of Medicine from University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. Dr. Irshad completed his residency and fellowship training at Tulane Medical Center. He spent several years teaching surgery and supervising residents at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in central Louisiana before joining private practice and becoming a high-volume cataract and corneal surgeon.

Prior to joining Eye Clinic of Austin, Dr. Irshad practiced at Wallace Eye Associates in Alexandria, Louisiana as Director of Cornea and Refractive Laser Surgery and continues to serve as an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Tulane Medical Center. He also serves on the medical advisory board at Southern Eye Bank.

Dr. Irshad is board certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and fellowship trained in cornea and refractive surgery. He specializes in laser cataract and lens exchange surgery, LASIK refractive surgery, Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS including iStent, Cypass, Xen Gel Stent), corneal and glaucoma pathology in both adults and children. He also performs the latest breakthroughs in corneal transplants, including the partial thickness corneal transplant procedures.

A 2020 and 2019 Top Doctor in Ophthalmology as featured in Austin Monthly, Dr. Irshad is an active member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons. He has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and most recently authored a cover story on “The Economics of Laser Cataract Surgery” in the February 2019 edition of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today. In March 2020, Dr. Irshad joined Dell Medical School as an affiliate faculty member.

A former Eagle Scout, Dr. Irshad also has a strong interest in local, national and international community service. He contributes to Habitat for Humanity, volunteers on medical mission trips to Mexico with the World Cataract Foundation and performs vision and glaucoma screenings in underserved communities. He spent the past three years on the Board of Directors at the Montessori Educational Center and is married with three boys. Dr. Irshad’s passions include hiking, traveling, and race car driving and instructing.

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Cataract Surgery Patient 7

“He has the best bedside manner, his staff is wonderful, and I’m so glad I did it with him — he’s great.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 6

“The surgery was miraculous! I mean, as soon as he was through, I could already see better. I just can’t say it enough — I’m so happy with it.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 5

“When I got the surgery, even as my eyes were healing, I noticed things were very vivid, very clear.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 4

“The surgery with Dr. Irshad was like nothing. It was over so quickly! I didn’t have to do anything except just lay there and it was really easy.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 3

“Your eyes are pretty precious and you have to trust the people that are going to be working on them, and definitely the group here is great.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient

“My vision is totally clear. I can see everything. Everything is just plain as day... It was effortless. Everything went so smoothly.”

Cataract Surgery Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient 2

"The whole world is a lot crisper and clearer and more beautiful to me right now... The whole practice is just professional and wonderful to deal with and completely gave me confidence. I’ve sent a few people over here already. I rave about this place."

Cataract Surgery Patient

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