Contact Lens Care & Maintenance

More than 30 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses, but many don’t always follow care instructions recommended by their optometrist, which can cause a serious eye infection.

Single-use contact lenses reduce complications

Since being introduced in 1997, single-use disposable soft contact lenses have shown to greatly reduce complications from contamination, human error, and solution toxicity.

Pupil Dilation Provides a More Accurate Prescription

If you have ever noticed that you can see more looking through an open doorway than you can see looking through the door’s peephole, you will understand why we dilate pupils. When the pupil is small, we cannot see the details of the lens and the view of the retina is compromised. When we cannot […]

Certain Lens Technology Allows Advantages with Outdoor Activities

This beautiful spring weather has provided many of our patients with extra opportunities to enjoy (and sometimes become frustrated) by their favorite outdoor activities. Current lens technology allows multiple solutions for these challenges.  We find that golf enthusiasts, especially those with decreasing midrange and near vision, need special progressive lenses. Those lenses maximize their peripheral […]