Why You Should Consider LASIK

Austin is home to active residents who enjoy the outdoors: Biking, boating, camping, tennis, golf and horseback riding are all popular ways to enjoy all Central Texas has to offer. If you find contact lenses and glasses interfering with your outdoors fun, you might want to consider LASIK.

Of all the things that I do surgically, LASIK is the most accurate and the most consistent with the best results. Though some people are concerned about the cost of LASIK, it is less than the lifetime cost of glasses or contact lenses, and financing is available. After healing, your eyesight is normally stable for 10-20 years, depending on your age at the time of surgery.

We are still not able to make the cornea optically perfect, but we can consistently make your vision better than with glasses or contact lens correction. After surgery, more than 90 percent of patients will see 20 /20. The remaining 10 percent will see 20 /24 to 20 /40 and may opt for a touch-up procedure at no additional cost to get to 20/ 20.

LASIK addresses near-sightedness, astigmatism and far-sightedness. So if you are looking forward to a summer of outdoor activities on the lake, the tennis court or the links and find your contacts or glasses get in the way, consider LASIK surgery soon.