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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

Dry-Eye-Diagram July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

As we kick off the month of July, it’s a time to bring awareness to an eye disease that affects more than 40 million Americans each year – dry eye. Dry eye, often called dry eye syndrome or dry eye disease, is an ocular disease that typically occurs as we age.

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The Rise of Computer-Related Dry Eye

The Rise of Computer-Related Dry Eye

With the increase in jobs that require Americans to work on computers or tablets, more people today are suffering from computer-related dry eye caused by staring at a screen all day.

Staring at Screens Causing Increase in Dry Eye Cases

If your vision starts to go blurry while staring at your computer or phone screen and blinking helps alleviate the issue, then you may have dry eye syndrome (scientific name keratoconjunctivitis sicca).

Eye Clinic of Austin LipiFlow Giveaway Kicks Off

On June 1, Eye Clinic of Austin introduced its newest contest, the 50% off LipiFlow Giveaway. One lucky person will win 50% off a TearScience LipiFlow dry eye treatment.