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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

Do your eyes feel scratchy or gritty?  Are you using over-the-counter eye drops several times a day?  You may have a condition known as “dry eye.”

Staring at Screens Causing Increase in Dry Eye Cases

If your vision starts to go blurry while staring at your computer or phone screen and blinking helps alleviate the issue, then you may have dry eye syndrome (scientific name keratoconjunctivitis sicca).

Eye Clinic of Austin LipiFlow Giveaway Kicks Off

On June 1, Eye Clinic of Austin introduced its newest contest, the 50% off LipiFlow Giveaway. One lucky person will win 50% off a TearScience LipiFlow dry eye treatment.

New treatment Lipiflow alleviates Dry Eye

Dry Eye is one of the most under diagnosed eye issues and affects over 23 million Americans. While there are two types of dry eye disease – evaporative and aqueous deficient – it is the blocking of the Meibomian glands in evaporative dry eye that accounts for 86% of all dry eye cases.