August is Children’s Eye Health Month

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has named August Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month and although each child’s eyes are different, it’s important to spread awareness about the timeline for vision checks as children grow into adults.

Convergence Insufficiency and Its Effect on Children

Convergence insufficiency (also called convergence disorder) is a fairly common near vision issue characterized by the eyes’ reduced ability to turn towards each other, or sustain convergence. The disorder often causes double vision or blurred vision making reading or focusing on near objects difficult.

Photo Helps Mom Discover Rare Eye Cancer

When Julie Fitzgerald, an Illinois mom, looked at her 2-year-old son’s eye in the light, she thought she noticed something towards the back of his eye. Fitzgerald decided to do some additional research on the web.

Nations of Nearsightedness

If you were planning on gifting the latest touchscreen gadget to a loved one, you might want to reconsider. As noted in a recent article in US News & World Report, there’s a major lifestyle switch that has occurred within the last 30 years, with both kids and adults spending more time indoors and doing close-up work with computer screens and phones.

pink eye

Treating Summer Pink Eye

Treating Summer Pink Eye

This time of year usually means taking care of sunburns and skinned knees, but don’t forget to watch out for pink eye during the summer months.

New App Helps Determine Child’s Eye Risk for Amblyopia

With the new innovation, GoCheck Kids, by Gobiquity Mobile Health, pediatricians are now able to better determine the possibility of amblyopia (commonly known as lazy eye) and refer children to their eye care specialist for further treatment.