Eye Health Austin Safeguard The Health of Your Eyes with the Right Sunglasses

Ensuring the health and well-being of our eyes demands careful attention and proactive measures. Among the most critical actions we can take is the use of sunglasses to shield our eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays. This simple yet effective strategy plays a pivotal role in preventing potential harm and preserving our eye health […]

Importance of Workplace Eye Wellness

Almost 25,000 Americans make a visit to the emergency room each year because of a workplace eye injury. Eye Clinic of Austin would like to take this month to remind everyone on how important it is to use approved and certified protective eyewear.

Zebrafish May Hold Key to Retina Regeneration

If you have a parent or grandparent who has gradually lost their sight due to macular degeneration or glaucoma, you may be interested in this exciting new research. It holds great promise for you and anyone else at risk for these eye conditions.

Choosing Safe Toys this Holiday Season

Many remember one of the most famous lines from a favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story – “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Nine-year-old Ralphie doesn’t end up shooting his eye out (though he comes close), but it is the perfect seasonal reminder of how toys can cause serious harm to children and their eyes.

August is Children’s Eye Health Month

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has named August Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month and although each child’s eyes are different, it’s important to spread awareness about the timeline for vision checks as children grow into adults.

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Stye VS Chalazion

Stye VS Chalazion

A chalazion and a stye look very similar as lumps in or along the edge of the eyelid, but they are actually caused by different issues. A stye, which is typically redder in color than a chalazion, is caused by a bacterial infection in the root (follicle) of an eyelash.