Eye Exam in Austin Benefits of Doing In-Office Surgery

In an evolving healthcare landscape, in-office surgery has become an appealing alternative to traditional hospital-based procedures, particularly for patients seeking quality eye care and various eye surgeries, such as corneal transplants or treatment for glaucoma. At Eye Clinic of Austin, our skilled eye doctors address concerns that are related to a range of eye conditions […]

What to Do at What Age for Your Eyes

August is National Eye Exam month and although each individual’s eyes are different, there are recommended times in your life in which to receive an eye exam.

What is a “refraction,” and why is it important?

When your eye doctor does an exam, the primary thing he/she is trying to determine is whether or not your eye is healthy. The easiest way to tell is to find out how well you see. In other words, is your vision 20/20? If your vision is 20/20 with your glasses or without any glasses, […]