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After Cataract Surgery: It is Possible to Be Independent of Glasses

In the past, even after cataract surgery, patients with astigmatism would still experience blurred or distorted vision without glasses because a standard lens implant cannot correct pre-existing astigmatism. High quality vision – the kind you need to be independent of glasses — is not regained unless the astigmatism is also corrected.

Today, if a patient elects to have laser cataract surgery, the astigmatism can be corrected at the same time. And, laser surgery combined with premium lenses may allow patients to be independent of glasses for all but the finest close work.

With laser cataract surgery and a Crystalens implant, all light is focused into one point that should focus near and distance like your eyes did in your early 40’s. Premium lenses can be implanted during traditional cataract surgery as well. Multifocal lenses like ReSTOR and TECNIS focus light from near and distant objects simultaneously on the retina. All of these lenses work best when astigmatism is corrected at the time of the surgery and when the surgeon is able to get incision accuracy as close as possible to perfect – and it is the new laser technology that helps surgeons do both of these things.

Most of us develop cataracts as we age and most of us have some degree of astigmatism. Modern laser cataract surgery and premium lens implants can improve your quality of life and reduce the aggravation of using glasses for hobbies, outdoor activities, and simple activities like driving, reading the paper, using the computer, or shopping for groceries.

Eye Clinic of Austin is one of the first clinics in Austin to offer laser cataract surgery. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation to determine if laser cataract surgery can free you from your glasses.